4 Reasons to get excited about SAACI Congress 2020


Times are changing and so is the way conferences are run. As the leaders of the conference industry, this year’s SAACI congress is welcoming the unknown, pushing boundaries and disrupting the norm. Forget what you know about the SAACI congress and be prepared for an entirely new experience. At the end of the two-day conference we hope to leave you inspired, energised and ready to WELCOME THE UNKNOWN with open arms. If you are craving change then we encourage you to register now to be a part of the change.

1. Featured 2020 Speakers

The speaker line up offers a variety of views from experts and professionals from all industries.

Wendy Tlou

Programme Director

Isaac Mbatha

CEO, Sky Tents SA

Yoadan Tilahun

MD, Flawless Events

Nomasanto Ndlovu

 CEO, Limpopo Tourism

2. Studios

Make the connections that will carry you through 2020 and beyond. Join thousands of business events professionals from around the world for a variety of creative networking opportunities.

Business Of Events

Event Strategy & Design


3.Trade floor

Meet SME’s and professionals that are working towards a more sustainable future for both the events industry and local economy.


Join a conversation and meet your fellow event professionals. Hear their story and tell your – trust comes from shared experiences.

Be the change you want to see in the world